PPWIZARD is a free preprocessor for HTML, REXX, Visual Basic or any text files.
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This is a simple command (Y2000 safe) which checks that the PPWIZARD preprocessor is capable of processing your code. You would probably put this command in a header file that you distribute to users. It will validate that the preprocessor they are using is new enough (in rare cases possibly old enough) to handle your header file.


[WhiteSpace]#Require  ["]MinVersion["]  [["]MaxVersion["]]

The "MinVersion" specifies the minimum version number of PPWIZARD. The preprocessing will abort if the preprocessor is too old.

The "MaxVersion" would rarely be required or specified. It would be used if the newer version of ppwizard does not handle your older source files and you don't wish to modify them so that it does, in this case I highly recommend specifying the maximum version and commenting the reason so you don't get confused at some later stage.


#require  98.216               ;;Want PPWIZARD version 98.216 or greater

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