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This #option command lets you to temporarily suspend replacement of definitions (and <?xXX> symbols). This allows you to pass through some complex lines without having to spend ages working out how you can tag it so as not to expand out (or fail trying).

It is recommended that you turn off substitution for as short a time as you require it. Use with care.

This command could be very handy if you needed to create a variable with a "#evaluate" command but you didn't want all the variables in the contents replaced straight away.

If the "OnOrOff" parameter is empty then it defaults to the current default value, otherwise one of the following is expected:


The following is extracted out of a real macro that I had to set up, I was having trouble with '<$endExample>' expanding out when what I really want is the literal text:

#Option        REPLACE=OFF                        \
#AutoTag       '<$endExample>'  '~$endExample>'   \
#AutoTag       '<'              '<?xLT>'          \
#AutoTag       '#'              '#'               \
#AutoTag       '~$endExample>'  '<$endExample>'   \
#Option        REPLACE=ON                         \

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