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Switch /PowerShell

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

The input is treated as power shell source code.

By default the output file is not syntax checked but you can add "<?SyntaxCheck>" to have that occur.

Due to powershell limitations it will not currently work with scripts that start with "PARAM". I could make it work for positional parameters but a powershell limitation means that I will not be able to do this for named parameters (https://connect.microsoft.com/PowerShell/feedback/details/623344/commands-with-argumentlist-should-have-a-parameter-set-with-parameters-too).

If you don't add the syntax check you will get a warning, you could filter or ignore it but the simplest approach would be simply to make it a comment with "#<?SyntaxCheck>".

This switch can be used any number of times and will affect all input masks that follow. It also becomes the default mode for all files produced via the #Output command. If an input mask comes first then any preconfigured extension information (see /ExtnInfo) will be used or if not available PPWIZARD will abort.

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