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Status Under Windows 2003

No known issues, except that regina (and therefore PPWIZARD) currently identifies this operating system as WINXP.

Status Under Windows XP

No known issues. This operating systems closest "relative" is Windows 2000. This is the operating system I use and where the bulk of my testing goes.

I have used WINXP without service packs as well as with SP1 and SP2.

Status Under Windows NT/2000

No known issues. I still use PPWIZARD a lot on Windows 2000 at work so it gets a lot of testing under this operating system.

Assuming PPWIZARD installer was used to install the code, then the following is a command which should work when run from the PPWIZARD install directory:

ppwizard  tryme.it

Status Under Windows ME

No known issues. It has been tested. Works as per Windows 98.

Status Under Windows 98

People are happily using it under Windows 98. Works as per Windows 95.

I believe Windows 98 has the same 5 or 6 year old bug with its command processor as Windows 95 (see below).

Status Under Windows 95

PPWIZARD under Windows 95 works exactly like the DOS version.

It appears that a bug in Windows 95 (thanks Microsoft!) might prevent you getting the return code and so automatically determining if everything worked or not. Obviously games don't require return codes!

As for all non-NT based Windows releases, you will have to preceed the PPWIZARD command with "regina". Example command command is:

regina ppwizard  tryme.it

Status Under Windows 3.1

Use DOS version of Regina.

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