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This command allows you to register some text which after all other processing is itself processed as if it were read from a file as well as specifying a command to be executed after ppwizard has successfully processed the file.

This command is useful in standard header files where rather than requiring a user to use a macro before exiting it can be done automatically. An example of this might be in a common html header file where you use this command to automatically generate a standard footer at the end of your html.

The processing does not occur if a fatal error was detected.


[WhiteSpace]#OnExit  [#Slot] TheText

The "Slot" parameter should be:

The "TheText" parameter can contain macro references but its meaning depends on the slot parameter:

If you require a specific slot number in code that others might use I suggest that the slot number be configurable. Any change and all risks are then up to the user.


The following is used in one of my header files:

;--- Register checking macro ---
#OnExit  <$NestingCheck>

The following would generate an error as slot 1 is being reused:

;--- Register checking macro ---
#OnExit #1 <$NestingCheck1>
#OnExit #1 <$NestingCheck2>

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