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This (currently) OS/2 only command allows you to add or drop rexx procedures from the rexx macro space. This can be useful if you have some rexx code which you frequently call in #if or #Evaluate commands as they should execute faster if they are available in the macro space.

For alternative ways of creating reusable rexx functions also have a look at the Rexx Subroutines in PPWIZARD section.


[WhiteSpace]#MacroSpace  ["]Command["]  ["]RexxSourceFile["]  [["]FunctionName["] ]

The "Command" should be "ADD" to add to the macro space or "DROP" to remove. It is not an error to ADD or DROP the same code more than once (even in a row). Also note that unless you perform a drop when you have finished using it it will take up space until you reboot OS/2.

The "RexxSourceFile" is the name of a rexx source file. It should be a relative or absolute filename that currently exists. The path is not searched.

If the optional "FunctionName" is not supplied then the function name is the "RexxSourceFile" without path or extension.


;--- Load macro (routine called "ConfigInf" - any case) -----------------
#MacroSpace   ADD    "CMD\CONFIGINF.CMD"

#if ConfigInf('TCPIP_ADDRESS') = ''
    #Error "A TCPIP address is not available...."

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