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Multi Line Macros

The subject of macros is reasonably complex (but well worth learning) please ensure you have at least read the macro introduction before reading this section.

Sometimes a macro contains quite a bit of text and to make it easier you might wish to spread the definition over a number of lines. This will also allow you to add comments and spacing to allow it to be easy to read.

When PPWIZARD sees a multi line macro (formatted in a similar manner to the example below - break after macro name) it breaks it up into multiple lines so that any imbedded PPWIZARD commands will get executed.

You need to be careful to correctly begin a multiline macro, the first line must be of the form:

#define TheMacroName  \

The following is an example of an invalid definition (as it does not ensure a space follows the "TheMacroName" parameter as is required by the #define command). :

#define TheMacroName  -\

Also check out the #( command as it is also very useful for creating multiline macros. To define blocks of rexx code use the #DefineRexx command.

Note that for ppwizard commands (within a #define) to be executed when the macro is expanded the commands must be on their own line.

;--- Define the macro -------------------------------------
#define FeedBackParagraphs                                        \
        ;---- First paragraph -----------------------------       \
        <P>I have put a lot of work into this product and         \
           believe it to be of a very high standard.              \
           I always appreciate feedback which indicates which     \
           features you use and like and which you don't          \
           like.                                                  \
        ;---- Second paragraph ----------------------------       \
        <P>Please <A HREF="mailto:<$MyEmailAddress>">email me</A> \
           with tour comments.

;--- Use the macro ----------------------------------------

Notice that the expanded "<$FeedBackParagraphs>" will refer to our previously defined "MyEmailAddress" macro. It is perfectly legal for a macro definition to refer to any number of other definitions.

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