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This variable contains the syntax checking code and can only be used once.

It inserts the previously defined syntax checking code into the appropriate location, see the /SYNTAX switch for more details.

Some programming languages have situation where all conditions below are met (at least some of the time):

  1. Some commands (if used) need to be at the top of the file (such as powershell's optional "PARAM" statement).

  2. The command involves parsing of command line parameters.

  3. Some of the parameters are manditory or it will complain about the parameter that is passed for the syntax check process.

Other situations may need you to consider placement of the syntax checking code (for example in VBSCRIPT if you use "option explicit" your syntax check must be placed after this).

If you need to turn off syntax checking then use the "<?SyntaxCheckOff>" code to avoid a compiler warning (for not having included this code) in those situations).

This is a Standard Definition which always exists (you don't need to #define it). Note that you can create your own variations or completely new ones (see the examples).

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