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This variable contains the full filename of the current output file.

Note that it is possible to extract parts of the symbol or to perform case conversions. You can extract parts of the filename by supplying one or more comma separated FilePart() parameters, these should be placed immediately after a colon following the symbol name (spaces not allowed).

Case conversion and other transformations of the symbols value can be performed using "macro transformations".

This is a Standard Definition which always exists (you don't need to #define it). Note that you can create your own variations or completely new ones (see the examples).

Example - Extract Parts

There are a number of symbols which all behave in a similar manner, examples follow:

;--- Test access to all or part of the file symbols ---
InputFile      - Full filename       : <?InputFile>
InputFile      - Without Path        : <?InputFile:name>
InputFile      - Parent dir of dir   : <?InputFile:s,s>
InputComponent - Extension           : <?InputComponent:EXTN>
OutputFile     - Path in lower case  : <?OutputFile:L $$lower>
PPWIZARD PGM   - Drive in upper case : <?PpwizardPgm:drive $$upper>

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