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This #option command allows you to alter the current Line Continuation characters or indeed turn it off altogether.

The "FullOrPartialSpecification" parameter can be one of the following:

  1. NULL
    In this case line continuation is turned off.

  2. ""
    An empty value means use the default value.

  3. exactly one character
    A single character value replaces the meaning of the '\' character.

  4. exactly five characters
    This replaces all special characters used for line continuation as follows:
    1. Replacement for '\'.
    2. Replacement for down arrow character.
    3. Replacement for '-'.
    4. Replacement for '+'.
    5. Replacement for space.

    See the Line Continuation section of this document for more details. Your editor may not like the low ascii down arrow character (or you may hate it!), this option allows you to easily change it to another character of your choice.

Example 1

We just wish to change the '\' so that we use '~' instead, so that we would use '-~' etc:

#option LineContinuation="~"

Example 2

Get rid of the down arrow variation, otherwise stick with defaults:

#option LineContinuation="\@-+ "   ;;'@\' now used for "newline" continuation

Example 3

This example changes the down arrow character to the ASCII character decimal 20, no real reason however it does demonstrate a more complex possibility:

#evaluate  NewDownArrow  'd2c(20)'
#option    LineContinuation=%\<$NewDownArrow>-+ ^

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