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This #option command allows you to specify an alternative character (to ';') for starting comments.

If NULL is specified for ASingleChar then comment removal is disabled. An empty value will set it back to the default, otherwise the character becomes the new comment character. The same character doubled up becomes the inline comment indicator.


;--- This is a comment ---
<B>         ;;Make the following text appear bold
#option linecomment='@'
</B>        @@Remove the bold attribute

@--- This is a comment ---

;--- This is NO LONGER a comment ---

@--- Restore default value (without hard coding it) ---
#option linecomment=''             @@Better way is to use push/pop

;--- This is a comment (no comments after the following line executed) ---
#option linecomment='NULL'         ;;Better way is to use push/pop

;--- This IS NOT a comment as comments disabled above --------------------

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