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This configuration macro allows you to intercept the error handling when a macro was not found. If the hook does not exist then PPWIZARD will simply abort displaying the usual error message.

The hook allow you to either supply a value for the non-existent variable or alter the error message. The hook should not perform any macro substitution.

This variable defines the name of a macro which contains the rexx code to be executed, this code should be "pre-expanded" (not contain any references to macros).

The rexx code gets passed these variables:


;--- Define hook ------------------------------------------------------------
    ;--- Handle specifc variables -------------------------------------------
    if  translate(HookDefineName) = 'SOMEMACROWHICHWEWILLCONTINUEON' then
        ;--- We will supply the value for this macro ------------------------
        HookDefineValue    = "{{This macro does not exist}}";
        HookDefineContinue = 'Y'

    ;--- Finished all known substitutions -----------------------------------
    if  HookDefineContinue = 'N' then    ;;Did we substitute a value?
        ;--- Update the error message we will display -----------------------
        HookDefineValue = HookDefineValue || '0A0A'x || 'Perhaps this is an obsolete WISEINST variable?'

;--- Test Hook --------------------------------------------------------------
C. <$SomeMacroWhichWeWillContinueOn $$UPPER>

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