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Using this configuration macro it is possible to tweek the contents of a generated dependancy file by adjusting the stored information before the file is written.

This hook is only called if dependancy checking is turned on, you can use the GetDependancyInfo() routine to access the same information whether or not checking is on.

The rexx code has access to:

Example Filter #1

An example of a hook which ensures that no output dependancies are recorded follows:

   ;--- Don't generate any output dependanies -------------------------------
   DepOut.0  = 0;

   ;--- Clear specific input dependancy -------------------------------------
;;;DepIn.1 = '';          ;;Changing to blank saves having to compress array

   ;--- Don't create dependancy file after all ------------------------------
;;;DepDrop = "Changed my Mind";

Since in this case PPWIZARD does not know about the output dependancies you can safely manipulate or delete these without ppwizard remaking them. In general I don't recommend this approach but it is another option for you.

Example Filter #2

The following code shows how you can ensure that any absolute filenames used in input dependancies are converted into relative directories where they are within the current directory tree.

I needed to do this where the output is generated to a network drive (as is the dependancy file) but the input files are located somewhere on the users drive. If I didn't have the hook, someone else getting the source out of PVCS and making it will always recreate the files whether or not they have "changed".

   ;--- Clear specific input dependancy -------------------------------------
   @@CurrentDir = translate(directory());
   @@Len = length(@@CurrentDir);
   do  @@I = 1 to DepIn.0
       @@File = DepIn.@@I
       if  left(@@File, 1) <> '*' then
           ;--- A "real" file -----------------------------------------------
           @@FileU = DepIn.@@I
           if  left(@@FileU, @@Len) = @@CurrentDir then
               @@File = '.' || substr(@@File, @@Len+1);
       DepIn.@@I = @@File;

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