PPWIZARD is a free preprocessor for HTML, REXX, Visual Basic or any text files.
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This #option command allows you to modify the characters which tell PPWIZARD that a line contains a ppwizard command. The default is that PPWIZARD commands begin with '#'.

The NewPrefix parameter if empty sets the default value or specifies the new character or characters that preceed all commands.

This command is useful if the language or file you are processing already uses the '#' character for its own reasons. Rather than using many <?HashPrefix> codes it is much easier to move PPWIZARD out of the way.


Extra care must be taken when changing this value within a macro as PPWIZARD needs to locate commands when the macro is defined!

Problems cause by this issue will be "weird", lines will be combined where you wouldn't expect.

If used within a macro then I recommend that any temporary change be to a new prefix that begins with the old, so for example if the prefix was originally "#" change it to "#!" or if it was "&" then change it to "&!".


#include "FILE1.IH"
#option   hashprefix='!'        ;;Set prefix to '!'
!include "FILE2.IH"
!option   hashprefix=''         ;;Set prefix to default value
#include "FILE3.IH"

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