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This command can be used to create autotag "pools" which can be selectively used and cleared without affecting any previously defined pools. This allows a self contained macro to create, use and clear autotags and still restore the state so as not to affect the rest of the system.

This command also saves and restores whether or not tagging was on.

A common use of this command is to temporarily hide all autotags, another is to make a temporary copy then delete one or more tags, perform some tagging and then restore the original state.


[WhiteSpace]#AutoTagState  ["]Name["]                               OR
[WhiteSpace]#AutoTagState  ["]Mode["]   [["]REMEMBER["]]            OR
[WhiteSpace]#AutoTagState  ["]+["]       ["]REMEMBER["]|["]Name["]  ...

It is possible to name a state at any time. When you increment the state the name will be remembered as the "Name" you supply. When incrementing to a new state you can copy tags from one or more named states.

The "Mode" parameter should be either:

  1. "+"
    This saves the current state. By default the new state has no tags available. If the literal value "REMEMBER" is also used then the new state has access to all tags available in the previous state. You can also specify one or more previously defined state names to copy their tags.

    Note that if #AutoTagClear is used (without 'ALL') in a state where "REMEMBER" was also used then this will only clear tags that you have defined in the current state (not all tags available in that state).

  2. "-"
    This restores the previous state. If the literal value "REMEMBER" is also used then the new (previous) state's tags are replaced with those currently available.


#Autotagstate FirstState                   ;;Name this state
#AutoTag      "1"   "one"                  ;;Create a tag
#Autotagstate +                            ;;Create new state (no tags available)
#Autotagstate SecondState                  ;;Name this state
#AutoTag      "2"   "two"                  ;;Create a tag
#Autotagstate +  REMEMBER                  ;;Create new state (get access to last states tags)
#AutoTag      "2"                          ;;Delete this tag
#Autotagstate +                            ;;Create new state (no tags available)
#Autotagstate +  FirstState 'SecondState'  ;;Create new state (copy tags from 2 states)
#Autotagstate -  REMEMBER                  ;;Go back to previous state (overwriting any tags it might have)
#Autotagstate -                            ;;Go back one state (keep that states tags)
#Autotagstate -
#Autotagstate -

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