PPWIZARD is a free preprocessor for HTML, REXX, Visual Basic or any text files.
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Do I need to hand install at All?

There are some special setup programs or information available for these operating systems:

If your operating system is listed above please read the appropriate section before proceeding. If it is not listed, any information you can provide will help write a new section for your operating system for others.

Looks like I need to hand install!

This section describes how to install PPWIZARD so it can be used from a command line or batch file. Windows and OS/2 setup programs do extra work to set up PPWIZARD so that they can be used via their graphical shells (Windows Explorer and OS/2 WPS); this sort of setup would be perfectly possible in any operating system and while only a minor tweek to what is done for OS/2 or Windows is not described here (maybe in the future - any help appreciated...).

Note: to simplify installation and testing I suggest that Regina and PPWIZARD be installed into the same directory.

The information shown here can be applied to any operating system supported by PPWIZARD.

There is one and only one PPWIZARD runtime (distributed as "PPWIZARD.REX"), this runs on all operating systems. PPWIZARD detects the operating environment (REXX interpreter and operating system) and executes accordingly.

REXX Interpreter

PPWIZARD requires a REXX interpreter, only the following are supported:

Note that if Regina can't find PPWIZARD, it comes up with a message similar to:

   Error 3 running "ppwizard.rex": Failure during initialization
   Error 3.1: Failure during initialization: Program is unreadable

If you see this message, PPWIZARD is not corrupt, it simply can't be located. Double check that the directory containing PPWIZARD is mentioned in Regina's REGINA_MACROS environment variable.



PPWIZARD should display an error message (no files specified) if one of the following commands is used:

If neither of the above two commands work, then the chances are you have made a mistake in configuration or you haven't rebooted since your last change. If it still fails after a reboot, change to the directory where you installed Regina and PPWIZARD and try again. If you can't work it out then contact me (dbareis@SpamBeGone.gmail.com) for help.

If one of the above works then please see the PPWIZARD command line section of the documentation for more information on how to run it.

Note that the follwoing command would probably always work (no matter whether configured or not):

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My whole website and this manual itself was developed using PPWIZARD (free preprocessor written by Dennis Bareis)
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