PPWIZARD is a free preprocessor for HTML, REXX, Visual Basic or any text files.
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I believe it is very unlikely that PPWIZARD or Regina will cause damage to your system, however I feel that it is wise to advise you of steps you can take if your data is highly critical.

I wish to stress that you take full responsibility for ensuring that PPWIZARD (or any other software related to PPWIZARD) is suitable for use in your intended environment.

PPWIZARD is supplied "as is" and may contain bugs. It is just impossible to test software (or even information) in all environments as there are just too many possibilities. For this reason you should test any software/information yourself for suitability before using in production or placing onto machines containing important information. By doing this you will have helped ensure that there are no unintended drastic side effects. Prior to testing it is recommended that a full backup of your hard disk be performed.

Updating from Older Versions

While I will try to keep PPWIZARD backwards compatible with older versions, I will at times (intentionally or not) change it in such a way as to require you to make changes to your source (batch files, code, etc.) if you wish to upgrade to the newer version of PPWIZARD.

I will have expected you to have read the Change History as it will usually indicate any source changes that you might need to make, plus any other potentially important information.

It is recommended that you backup your source (including any batch files, etc.) AND the older versions of my programs before trying a newer version.


Any links I mention are provided "as is"; it is up to you to determine the quality of any site I link to or any software I mention...

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My whole website and this manual itself was developed using PPWIZARD (free preprocessor written by Dennis Bareis)
Saturday May 28 2022 at 2:55pm