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This is an inbuilt function function provided by PPWIZARD.

This function takes a single parameter and will return the string after all "as is" conversion has taken place (see the #AsIs command).

Note that this replacement occurs whether or not "as is" mode is currently on, the AsIsPrepare() function can be called to set up exactly what you wish modified.

Note that you may not wish to use this routine because of interference you might cause with the use of the #AsIs command, in this case you might find BulkChar2String() useful.

This routine is useful where you are reading in data directly rather than using #include or #import commands. You could be using the rexx linein() routine or accessing SQL data.

Stupid Example

;--- Setup INTERNATIONAL symbols (2 only for this demo) ---
#AutoTagState +
#AutoTag      'ä'    'ä'
#AutoTag      'ë'    'ë'    ;;Only 2 for this example
#AutoTagState -

;--- Prepare ASIS Tagging ----------------------------
#evaluate "" ^AsIsPrepare("INTERNATIONAL_SYMBOLS")^

;--- Assign to some variables ------------------------
#evaluate "NoChanges"   ^"ë ë ë"^
#evaluate "Changesmade" ^AsIs("ë ë ë")^

;--- Generate couple of lines ------------------------
BEFORE: <$NoChanges>
AFTER : <$Changesmade>

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