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Please note that I value highly any feedback I get (good and bad) and have tried to aim the documentation at beginners as well as more experienced people. If you find things difficult to understand or you decide that PPWIZARD for whatever reason is not for you I would really be interested in hearing from you! I can't fix a problem I know nothing about!

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You may wish to examine the change history before downloading PPWIZARD.

Please choose one of the following PPWIZARD (version 22.148) downloads (there is just one PPWIZARD runtime for all operating systems, the following are alternative ways of packaging):

  1. Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, W2K or XP (2,260,392 bytes)

    This self extracting EXE contains everything you need for windows. The documentation the download contains is now in the Windows compiled help format ("PPWIZARD.CHM") so there is a good index, table of contents and a very powerful search facility (including support for "near").

    Note that if the installer tells you about a CRC error you either have a virus or have had a download failure (the file is exactly 2,260,392 bytes long).

  2. OS/2 (178,519 bytes)

    This download comes with no documentation. To install:

  3. All - Unix, BeOS, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, DOS, OS/2 or Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP (122,074 bytes)

    This download comes with no documentation. Operating systems other than OS/2 will require the free regina rexx interpreter.

    If you know what you are doing this might be a good download where you have recently installed ppwizard and you just want the updated ppwizard runtime (ppwizard.rex).



The following documentation packages are available for download:

  1. Documentation in Windows CHM format (1,453,312 bytes). This documentation is included in the Windows PPWIZARD download.

    This "html" doco has an index and allows you to search (including boolean) and bookmark pages. It is an excellent form of documentation for windows operating systems and I believe all you need is to have installed IE 4.0+ to have support.

  2. Documentation in HTML format (1,931,578 bytes).

    Should work well in just about any browser (old or new), if not send me a screen dump and description and I'll see what I can do. Has optional navigation via Java applet (tree based table of contents).

  3. Documentation in OS/2 INF format (378,055 bytes).

    For operating systems other than OS/2 the INF file can be viewed using the DOS or Windows viewers. One of the 2 should work in unix. This has the advantage of a better search facility (than straight html).

    Since I don't have an OS/2 box, I rely on a slave to compile an IPF file for me, for this reason the doco is usually behind the other formats (and may have some formatting issues).

    OS/2 users have a native view program (view.exe) however a better replacement called "New View" has become available.

The OS/2 INF, the Windows CHM and the HTML version have been created from the same source using OL_DOC.DH PPWIZARD addon below.



While the functionality provided by these downloads are extremely useful, you can also use them as a valuable source of sample code.

There is not a lot of documentation for these headers, although quite a few have examples (any ".IT" or ".HTM" files) and the header files themselves usually have a lot of comments and information. If via feedback I find that people are using or having problems with particular headers I will concentrate on improving the functonality and documentation for these. If requested I will help if specific questions are asked (it might help to attach your attempts to any emails).

Note that some header files will require others to be available and that the headers may require PPWIZARD features that have recently been introduced (if so they will tell you). Also note that if I make non-trivial changes to an add-on that I will generally move the download to the top of the list:

Name Details Description
Mon Oct 14 2002
288,458 bytes
This header file contains all of the following downloads except those marked "*".

Click to see an example. All PPWIZARD's documentation is built this way. Currently builds OS/2 INF, Windows CHM & HTML formats!
Mon Nov 22 2010
414,019 bytes
This header file allows you to easily create Windows "CHM, OS/2 "IPF/INF" as well as HTML documentation (potentially others in future) from common 'neutral' source. Note that my PPWIZARD doco as well as all other large doco that I have was created this way. If you use it I won't bite if you ask for help!

Note that most of the macros in this header deal with the issues of creating code for multiple output formats, if all you wish is HTML based formats (HTML, CHM, possibly JavaHelp in future) then there are only a small number of macros required (making it extrememly simple to learn). This has the advantage of tieing all your pages together with contents/index pages, forward/backwards buttons as well as automatic self validation of all the resources and links you used between these pages.

If you want some sample source I am making my PPWIZARD documentation source available (including the batch files to make HTML, CHM and IPF doco). The download is called ppwdoco_source.zip (559,181 bytes). Let me know if I have forgotten anything! Also do not assume that the source shows you the best way to do something, this document was built up over more than 4 years and started looking completely different.


Click to see an example. Simplifies creation of download links and automatically creates online download counters for tracking.
Mon Jun 13 2005
29,585 bytes
This header provides a very simple to use download macro which simplifies the generation of download links where file size, date, time or other details can appear inline or in a tooltip (or both). A "new" download can be automatically marked as such. All downloads on this page (along with any associated information such as file sizes) were created using this download.

Possibly the most important feature (although optional) is that it can automatically handle download counters from "http://www.downloadcounter.com/". These counters are created automatically, normally you need to register each one online and cut and paste the generated code (or at least remember the generated counter number). There is also a general Q & A available.

This now includes a grouping mechanism which allows you to do local reporting of counters, again this requires no work at the download site and is extremely simple to setup and use (although not yet documented). A crude example is available. This will allow you to easily see the values of different groups of counters (sorted by value). It would not take too much effort to implement bar graphs etc. A counter is by default a member of the "ALL" group but can belong to any number of groups (for example ALL, PPWIZARD and DEVELOPMENT).

Click to see an example. Note that directory & file links will not work in this online sample!
Fri Apr 2 2004
28,461 bytes
This header file allows you to generate "ftp like" listings from directory trees (you have virtually full control over look and feel of pages).

It can take comments for directories and files from ".DIZ" files or directory configuration files or any place you wish. One of its biggest advantages is being able to have a single copy of files and directories (categories) and display these in multiple places (categories).

I also use it (extremely customised) to create my book mark pages from my windows based IE URL objects (comments can be added to these URL objects).

If you use this download you might also wish to check out my "DIRATTR" download.


Click to see an example.
Mon Oct 14 2002
7,748 bytes
Very handy header file that allows you to imbed (or include from file) real working HTML or source code in any language without making any changes by hand. You can even automatically create hypertext links. All sample code on the examples page was processed using this technique, you might notice that the page includes the source for itself (this is not a copy)!

Click to see an example. A tick means a URL validated OK.
Sat Oct 12 2002
3,904 bytes
This ppwizard add-on provides you with an interface to the "memory" file of my free URL checker (CHECKURL). You may have noticed all my links (in my links pages) now indicate whether they we successfully validated (and when) or what the error was.

If you use this header you may also want to have a look at my VALRURL product as it allows the CHECKURL program to pinpoint URL problems to the correct location in your source code (and not just in the generated html).


Click to see an example.
Fri Aug 2 2002
25,549 bytes
I looked around for some decent Javascript code to hide html, I could not find any. Some people's scripts has the password in the clear, some had it hidden. Others relied on the password being used to build a URL and most did not actually protect the html, they just made it harder to get there. Most were too hard to use and some required a separate generation step. They did not protect against web links or search engines (just because you don't link to a page doesn't mean it won't be found).

I decided to write an easy to use header file which could protect both HTML and javascript. You can test it on my sample.

Mostly tested under IE 5.0/5.5 and Netscape 4.61/4.73, hopefully it works well on other browsers. It seems to be slow under Netscape but fast under Internet Explorer. If anyone knows how to get it to work faster under Netscape then I'm all ears!

Fri Jul 26 2002
51,406 bytes
NSIS Installer is a good, simple free program to build Windows self extracting EXE programs for your downloads. It takes care of common install/uninstall requirements. This is a header file and sample package which simplifies the creation of these NSIS installer packages. I use PPWIZARD (and this package) to package PPWIZARD and some other Windows tools including this one.

Basically what this product provides is a text based "wizard" (you will need to download NSIS yourself). For simple installs it will take care of all the uninstall work and will also populate most of the "add/remove" key information ("support information") that Windows ME/2000/XP will display. Almost all current packages (including commercial, and including Microsoft's) do a hopeless job of setting up this information.

The NSIS program is being frequently modified (last tested and probably updated to work with NSIS version 1.90), if you get any problems with the header (being out of date) then please let me know!

Note that I also have a product called MAKEMSI which creates MSI packages. I recommend you have a look at this product first.

Tue Jul 2 2002
11,544 bytes
This can be used to organise information about a site. The download contains a 3 page sample which has a navigation bar with "first", "last", "previous" and "next" links. The information could also be used to create a site map.

You can add user attributes at a site or page level.

Thu May 2 2002
4,405 bytes
This can be used to split a comma seperated value record/file (or any other similar format with different delimiter) into its individual fields. It is suitable for use within PPWIZARD as well as in generated rexx programs (in fact PPWIZARD uses this header for its "#import" command for delimited text files).
Wed Apr 3 2002
8,844 bytes
This ppwizard add-on allows you to use ppwizard while retaining some SSI (Server Side Include) mark up in place. This would be extremely handy when converting from SSI to ppwizard or you simply wish to try out ppwizard with minimal commitment. You can have mixed SSI / PPWIZARD commands while you migrate! Many options which will come in useful depending on what you are doing.
Mon Feb 4 2002
3,340 bytes
This ppwizard add-on can be useful in Windows to predict what the short name is for a file given its long name.

Click to see an example. Screen dump of Game, notice mouse trail of blobs and text.
Mon Jun 9 2003
6,222,891 bytes
This huge download is a Windows toddler game. It includes a PPWIZARD based game engine which given graphics and sound will create a DHTML (HTA or HTML) based game playable in IE. The PPWIZARD generated dynamic HTML based game itself is about 30K, the rest is graphics and sound files. It would be easy to create shape or other theme based games.

It probably would not take too much work to be platform independant using Netscape 6. I wasted a lot of time trying to get it to work on previous versions of Netscape but gave up as Netscape was too flakey (it loved crashing etc). Please let me know if you modify it to run in Netscape.

Someone indicated that "Norton antivirus" reports problems with the HTA version, I believe this to be a Norton bug however if you wish you can still run the HTML version.


Click to see an example. The look and feel in COMPLETELY configurable. Notice OS/2, windows, Linux sections have their own backgrounds, icons etc.
Mon Apr 22 2002
15,731 bytes
This is one of the most useful downloads, it allows Windows and OS/2 users to use their browser to update their link pages and organise these links in categories. Under windows this header can also access your IE favorites if you wish. Each link can be commented, a tool is included to help you to do this.

The look and feel is COMPLETELY customisable, there is virtually nothing that can't be be changed.

I check all links regularly with my free URL checker and each link is marked as validated or having failed validation.

If a link (or category) belongs in more than one place (category) then there are methods for referring to a single instance from multiple locations. Note that the header would probably not require too much work to work in other operating systems (such as Linux) and I do try to keep multiplatform considerations in mind as I develop all my headers (its just untested).

To see how I organise my links have a look at my links pages. Notice that I have organised some quick link navigation buttons on the top (this is something extra I have done, the BOOKMARK header did not do this).

This header builds on the functionality provided by the ftplike header. If you use this download you might also wish to check out my "DIRATTR" download.


Click to see an example. A very small sample extracted from the download.
Sun Apr 13 2003
147,394 bytes
This add-on will take a directory tree of photos and creates a set of html pages to reflect the tree (basically a photo album). The directories can be commented.

Thumbnails for each image are automatically created and used in each html page. Each image can have it's own html page and can be commented.

This header builds on the functionality provided by the ftplike header. If you use this download you might also wish to check out my "DIRATTR" download.

The sample has been made simpler for you, on my machine it creates and uses real thumbnails (as clicking the "sample" will confirm) but on your machine it will initially only fudge thumbnails. This way you can try it without having to worry about installing Image Magick first.

Mon Apr 8 2002
3,342 bytes
This rexx program is available for anyone who is on an operating system or rexx interpreter not currently supported by ppwizard. Note that if regina is available for your operating system, I will expect that it be used unless you come up with a good reason why not (basically I don't have as much time as I'd like!).

If you are prepared to do a bit of testing for me, I will modify ppwizard as required to get it to work. This program should be run by you before requesting my help as I will need a copy of the output it generates (zipped please).

Fri Oct 26 2001
3,184 bytes
Useful to obtain a relative address to a fixed location from anywhere in a directory tree (for example access to a fixed "graphics" directory from many directories containing html code).
Thu Jan 17 2002
4,891 bytes
This header file allows you to automatically create thumbnails from much larger image files and create the link from the thumb nail to your image (in your HTML). The header makes use of free image software (available from www.imagemagick.org/).
Mon Apr 22 2002
5,929 bytes
This header file allows you to either validate external URLs as you generate html pages or creates a URL list. Either way the validation is done by my free "CHECKURL" program.

The use of this header allows the CHECKURL program to pinpoint URL problems to the correct location in your source code (and not just in the generated html).

If you wish to visually mark your links in the generated HTML as validated (successfully or not) you should have a look at my CURLPPW product.


Click to see an example. Simplifies creation of tooltips or even popup menus.
Wed Jul 11 2001
18,876 bytes
This ppwizard add-on provides a very simple to use front end to the very good "overLib" javascript available from "http://www.bosrup.com/web/overlib/".

This provides tooltips (hover help) which can include HTML formatting, images etc and has many options.

Fri Jun 29 2001
10,283 bytes
This ppwizard add-on allows you to extract flash (.SWF) tag information such as height and width and coordinates. If you need anything else let me know.
Fri Jun 22 2001
5,176 bytes
This ppwizard add-on allows you to extract ID3 tag information (in version 1 and 1.1 formats) from MP3 files. This includes the song title, author, track etc. If you need anything else let me know.
Tue Jan 7 2003
41,482 bytes
This adds an Explorer based template facility for use with my ftplike, bookmark or imgdirs downloads. This has been tested in Windows 95/98/ME and 2000 (where it is "smarter").

What it does is allow you to right click on a folder, select "New", and pick a directory description template (which you can tweek). This allows you to easily set up directory aliases, links and tooltips etc.

Thu Apr 12 2001
5,827 bytes
This header file can automate the generation of Windows GUIDs. It can ensure that you always get a new one or you always get the same one. It can generate GUIDs in a number of formats.

This eliminates the need for manual generation or cut & paste however this is probably not the main reason you would use it. It can be used to hide the GUID process from a user who may be using a header file that requires a GUIDs but the user himself is not expected to have any knowledge about GUIDs (that is, it is a tool for other add-ons to make use of). The "uuidgen.exe" utility is required by this add-on.


Click to see an example. Sample page containing the output from 2 commands run via the operating system (could be 'C', PERL, Vb or program written in any language).
Sat Mar 24 2001
10,012 bytes
This header simplifies the inclusion of output from operating system commands or external programs. This allows you to display information output by programs written in any language (C, C++, PERL, VB, VbScript etc).

It includes a sample where VbScript is called with the output being used in at least 3 different ways.

Fri Mar 16 2001
6,106 bytes
This header generates a dependancy file that can be included via the nmake (make) program.
Tue Mar 6 2001
14,572 bytes
This download contains a header file which allows you to "load" the contents of a binary file into a text format that ppwizard can easily use. It can use c2x() or it's own more readable format which is also likely to be more compact. It includes a macro which rebuilds the original file. I have used this technique in the "OL_DOC.DH" header to recreate the graphic images and java applets without having to distribute these as separate files.

Note that this is a completely different download to that that used to contain "bin2ppw.rex" (although this download does contain this program renamed).


Click to see an example. Counter demo. This sample displays output using graphics digits.
Thu Mar 1 2001
8,204 bytes
This header file allows you to display incrementing numbers. You can start or set the counter to a specific value and you can have any number of counters running at once (all displaying output in varying ways if required). By default the counter output is decimal text but it could just as easily be roman numerals or made up of digit images.

Click to see an example. The look and feel in COMPLETELY configurable. This sample only shows a single directory rather than images arranged in categories.
Sun Apr 13 2003
10,129 bytes
This is a header which allows you to organise web images into directories (categories) and generate one or more html pages to display them along with height, width, file size and any textual comments unique to that image you wish.

This header builds on the functionality provided by the ftplike header. If you use this download you might also wish to check out my "DIRATTR" download.

Fri Mar 30 2001
3,836 bytes
This header file allows you to get formatted file sizes, dates and times. A bit like those to the left.

Click to see an example. Simplistic example with 2 questions. As usual you have a lot of control as to how the html is generated.
Thu Feb 15 2001
6,981 bytes
This is a small header file which works with my "OL_DOC.DH" download to provide document independent FAQ support or on it's own if all you want is HTML output.

Click to see an example.
Sun Apr 13 2003
10,391 bytes
Tested in IE 5.0/5.5 and Netscape 4.7 and Communicator 4.6, very configurable, could make single image follow pointer etc.

Click to see an example.
Wed Nov 15 2000
14,651 bytes
Creates colored blob mouse trails. Tested in IE 5.0/5.5 and Netscape 4.7, I am planning on using this in a html toddler game I am developing for my 2 year old.

Click to see an example. Javascript must be enabled for it to work!
Tue Dec 12 2000
20,373 bytes
This header files makes it simple to use the hierarchical menu script available from the webreference site This header files simplifes the creation of the javascript arrays required by the webreference menu code.

It uses a simple menu definition format which should remain the same when migrating to the yet to be released version 4 scripts.

Note that I have also made it simple to produce menu bars across the tops of your pages without complex javascript or calculations. As usual I'm open to suggestions for improvements, this is the early cut.

Wed Sep 6 2000
2,694 bytes
This is a clip file for the Window's NoteTab editor. It allows the notetab to do point and click insertions of ppwizard commands, standard variables and some other items.
Mon Nov 22 1999
151,002 bytes
This is a version of the OS/2 regina rexx interpreter. It is useful during PPWIZARD rexx generation under OS/2 as it can perform a more stringent syntax check of the generated code. Have a look at the "/RegSyntax" switch. Simply place this file into a directory in your path or in same directory as PPWIZARD for more stringent syntax checking to occur.
Fri Mar 30 2001
2,282 bytes
A simple header which only adds your comments into the generated html code if you are operating in debug mode.
Fri Mar 30 2001
4,001 bytes
This header file allows you to easily make use of footnotes in your HTML pages. It contains the header itself plus a sample html page.
Fri Mar 30 2001
3,400 bytes
When PPWIZARD is used as a rexx preprocesser this header file can generate complex custom sort code to your specification, it sorts to your specification and can keep data from multiple associated arrays together.

You will also find this header very useful for use within PPWIZARD (for example the "FTPLIKE" download uses it to sort file and directory names).


Click to see an example. Sample page with a counter.
Thu Mar 8 2001
6,836 bytes
This header and sample makes it easy to add a separate counter (or same one on multiple pages if you wish to group them), automating most of the work (unlike most counters where you have to register each individual one online, an extrememly painful process).

The counter header is based on the counter by Muhammad Muquit but is probably a good starting point for any counter. There is also a macro which allows you to easily create your own statistics pages which will show the current values of all (or some) of your page hit counters.

The digiweb site this header uses does not appear to be available anymore, however this header could be used for any similar site .

Fri Mar 30 2001
4,322 bytes
This header file is a tool that you have available to enable you to perform nesting checks either for your own macros or for HTML tags (to check table tag nesting etc). Obsoleted by New #Push/#Pop commands but this header may still be required by some others.
Fri Mar 30 2001
1,987 bytes
This header file is a tool that you have available to enable you to save and restore macro values. This is useful when performing recursive type functions. Obsoleted by New #Push/#Pop commands but this header may still be required by some others.

Note that the intention is that the above headers have been written in a manner that allows you to taylor the functionality to your requirements. It is recommended that you make NO changes to these headers. If you need to then please suggest changes that would allow you to use the headers unchanged. Most of the headers allow you to specify options or alternative ways of operation by defining the correct macros.

If you don't change the headers you can simply download newer versions (possibly containing fixes etc) with minimal or usually no changes to your code as they become available.



The WISEINST product no longer exists, it has been replaced by an easier to use and more powerful product called MAKEMSI".

MAKEMSI does not require Wise Installer Pro or any other product but uses native Windows Installer methods to modify or create MSIs (or Merge Modules etc).


Downloads by Others

This section holds links to sites that have their own ppwizard related downloads.

  1. wenost.sourceforge.net/
    This site is about an open source utility (wenost) that was designed to ease the process of building and maintaining, by hand, larger websites. Wenost reads a description of the navigational structure of a web site from a single text file and produces a set of files that are then run through PPWizard to build the site. Wenost was used (in conjunction with PPWizard) to build the Web Node Structure website.

  2. www.editpadpro.com/cgi-bin/cscslist.pl
    This site has a syntax highlighting file for ppwizard. EditPad is a Windows text editor which comes in a free for home use light version as well as a "professional" edition.

    This is a syntax highlighting file for the Windows Ultra Edit editor.

  4. www.ndh.net/home/sschwarzer/download/ppwiz.vim
    This is a syntax highlighting file (see example) for the OS/2 "VIM" editor. A review of this editor is available.


Other Interesting Pages

Some other ppwizard pages you might be interested in:
The Editor: To say I'm spectacularly amazed at how well this works is an understatement. Figuring out how to use it wasn't too difficult, in fact, the new OS/2 eZine is based on one sample from the documentation.
Extract of Yippee's Review: Fortunately, for all the effort PPWizard requires it is a hugely flexible and powerful utility that can be of great use to serious web authors everywhere. Recommended.
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