A Sample Collection of Images

This page was automatically created from images organised into folders to indicate which category they belong in. This particular sample only has one page of this showing but normally you would have directory links immediately below (much like on my links pages).

FLDRCLS.GIF 14 x 11 (82 bytes)
NEEDSREG.GIF 52 x 12 (156 bytes)
This icon is used to mark any downloads that
require the regina rexx interpreter
to function.

This is an example file comment from "needsreg.diz"

NEW.GIF 35 x 20 (172 bytes)
beetle1.gif 27 x 29 (286 bytes)
redball.gif 14 x 14 (203 bytes)
smallhome.gif 19 x 20 (218 bytes)
updated1.gif 52 x 12 (185 bytes)

Where can PPWIZARD & It's Headers be found?

In case you got here via a search engine or a link from another site you can download the header file used in this sample page ("IMGDIRS.IH") and ppwizard itself (my free html preprocessor) from the ppwizard download page at:

PPWIZARD can be thought of as a "Super SSI", it can include external files and do most of the things that server side includes can (and heaps more) but do them in a simpler manner and have no impact or requirements on the server.

PPWIZARD is the most powerful mechanism available for code reuse and automation of common tasks. See the PPWIZARD pages for more details.

Sunday April 13 2003 at 3:39pm
(This is the generated output from sample PPWIZARD based source code making use of the "IMGDIRS.IH" header file)