This is a configured tooltip for the out directoryout11 files and 2 dirs

ftplike.ih 30 July 2001 16:27:12, 17,203 bytes
ftplikei.ih 02 April 2004 12:32:13, 71,135 bytes
ftpsamp.it 27 March 2001 17:31:14, 4,644 bytes
nmake.mak 13 June 2001 19:45:54, 2,538 bytes
state.rst 06 November 2001 14:59:42, 3,645 bytes

This is a sample page generated by the following free tools used:

    This is an extremely powerful and programmable html preprocessor.

  2. FTPLIKE Header files
    These are ppwizard header files. It is used to generate html pages for access to files in a "ftp like" manner.

Note that unless you have generated this page yourself none of the directory or file links above will work as none of the files exist and only the first page has been included as a sample (a html page per directory is generated).

The look and feel of this page is completely customisable, if you wish to see a completely different use of the ftplike header functionality then have a look at "my links pages". Not only can you set the global look and feel but quite a bit of tweeking can be done on a directory by directory basis, so a Windows directory tree could have a windows background and a Linux directory tree could have it's linux look and feel. Directories can have tooltips (such as the one on the "out" directory above).

While not shown here files can have comments and these are easily set up. Another major advantage is that a file can be physically located in one only location but appear in multiple locations (categories) in the generated pages.

Friday April 02 2004 at 12:32pm