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Aldo Vargas' Favourite
22 May 2003 5:32:09pm
Aldo's Pianito 2.1 seems quite good and it's free. There is a "Kids Zone" with lots of links to other sites as well as mouse, keyboard and clipboard utilities.

This very funny piano simulator is great for children and learning!!!! It's totally FREE... you require VB5 Runtime (msvbvm50.dll). This piano features 128 different instruments, Save up to 8 songs, 3 Example Songs, Unlimited song lenght saved with instruments, Replay with a single key pressing CTRL, All piano keyboard mapped to your PC (use SHIFT to play one octave down). Version 2.1 allows you to play perfect Chords pressing a single key. Keyboard letters now can be displayed in the piano keyboard. 14 Different types of chords are preset!!! The *new* "Robot Player" will play in duet with you bringing melody to your song. Play 2 instruments simultaneously pressing Alt to play with the alternate instrument. Use the Function keys to select one of the 12 preset instruments. Now you can play while recorded songs are playing, so now you can be your own orchestra. Tempo let you increase/decrease the speed of recorded songs and reverberation is now optional. Use the PgUp/PgDn keys to change of instruments sequentially or use Esc for mute.

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DaisyMaths! http://www.daisymaths.
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26 May 2002 9:50:04am
Kraft DaisyMaths is a program designed to help young Australians to enjoy learning maths. It is specially made to be free, informative, and fun for Australian kids.

Kraft DaisyMaths was originally designed by an Australian professor of maths, Professor Myles Harding, to help his young daughter (Daisy) understand the basic concepts of mathematics. Through the hard work of Professor Harding and with the support of Kraft Foods Ltd, Kraft DaisyMaths is now available for all children that are educated in Australia, especially children aged 3 to 8. Professor Harding and Kraft are dedicated to the further development of the Kraft DaisyMaths program and are currently working on activities for older children.

Grey Olltwit's Freeware http://www.greyolltwit.
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21 January 2005 9:14:06am
Breanna (at 15 months) loves "Teletubbies Music Box"! Has other stuff such as online game to throw pies at teletubbies.
Jungle Mouse http://dennisbareis.com/
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24 December 2006 8:06:07am
This is a game which teaches simple Keyboard and Mouse Skills. It can be used as a simple "keyboard banger" as any key press changes the background color (as do any mouse clicks clicks). A mouse trail follows the mouse to make it easier to see where the mouse is. There are two versions (both require Internet Explorer - for now) a straight HTML based game and a more powerful HTA (Windows html application) version. The HTA version covers the whole screen and has no browser controls to maximise safety (of your computer!). It also ensures that the mouse does not go off the screen (a common fault with most kids games).

This game has a theme of animals (the download also shows you how you can actually create your own variations - for example shapes). Graphics are randomly selected and placed in random positions, every minute the screen is redrawn. When the mouse is moved over a graphic the approprate sound is produced and a "tooltip" description is displayed.

Kid's Domain - Freeware
sorted by age
13 June 2001 9:27:07pm
A very large list of free games for toddlers or older kids. A lot of old DOS stuff and a lot of stuff that will still run on latest Windows.

I initially ignored screen savers however these can be directly executed without having to wait for inactivity or the use of "control panel" etc. The "bear in the big blue house" is quite good.

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