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This page contains many free DOS programs that I have written. As an example you can download a free html (or IPF/rexx) preprocessor called PPWIZARD.

This software has all been written by Dennis Bareis. Please read the disclaimer before downloading or using any software from these pages.

Once you have evaluated what you have downloaded I would appreciate feedback, this will hopefully be good but I'll take the bad as well. This will encourage me (hopefully) to continue. Maintaining these pages takes significant effort and if it appears that nobody benefits from it then I'll stop...

The top entries in these tables are the latest to be added or updated. This makes it easier for you to recognise changes when you next log on.

Some of the code in this section requires the free REGINA rexx interpreter (at least version 0.08e) to operate. Where documentation is provided it will usually be in the form of OS/2 INF files, these can be viewed with a DOS based INF viewer.

Package Information
I have heaps of interesting and useful rexx source code routines.

12 days old at 16 Nov 2017.

A "NEW" tag indicates that the download is not more than 21 days old.
Sat Nov 4 2017
121,040 bytes

FreeWare REGINA Rexx Interpreter is Required

This free program is used by e-Zine! magazine and the OS/2 Supersite as a html preprocessor to generate their html.

This preprocessor can be used to generate HTML (and rexx or other) code from source files. It supports commands such as "#include", "#define", "#if" and much more.

I maintain two differing homepages (this is one of them) from the same source, all the html you are seeing has been processed/generated by this program. Note that the '#if' processing is very powerful and that you can execute any rexx commands and use the output (all the file sizes and dates where provided were automatically calculated by this program). The #define command supports parameters and conditional generation of code.

As a rexx preprocessor it allows you to easily create header files of standard routines so that you never need to duplicate source code again! I have made some source routines available for #include in your programs. Rexx code is packed by default so that your input can contain many comments and be spaced out with most of this being removed from your runtime.

Note that this program can be used for virtually any file type and not just html & rexx. Some people use PPWIZARD macros to develop AWE def files and someone uses it with PHP.


7,629 bytes
This program can be used to ask for an answer in a batch file. The maximum answer length can be specified and the case can be adjusted to either all upper or all lower case. If you don't want to use "echo" to ask the question then use my LOG.EXE program as it can output text without also sending a newline sequence. Use my "INPUT.COM" program to ask for user responses requiring only a single character.

5 May 99
56,552 bytes
FreeWare REGINA Rexx Interpreter is Required
This rexx program is an automated text editor. It allows you to easily modify files such as "CONFIG.SYS". It has not been specifically written for "CONFIG.SYS" but does have some specialized commands to make editing this file easier. It is very powerful and can make decisions based on return codes, environment variables etc.

22 Aug 98
44,585 bytes
FreeWare REGINA Rexx Interpreter is Required
This rexx utility accepts user input and generates one or more output files from a template. You specify (without coding) what questions will be asked and what validations should occur. Some basic validations are built in and rexx code can be called for more complex requirements.

An example is included in the documentation which shows how a CM/2 response file is tailored after a few simple questions have been answered.

There are some limitations under regina. These are not major.


1,299 bytes
This program can either ask for single keys or wait for any key. It has a few useful options. Very useful in batch files. Use my "GETRESP.EXE" program to ask for user responses requiring more than a single character.

42,320 bytes
There are a number of utilities in this package. You can display all the scancodes received from a keyboard as well as the keycodes as processed via your BIOS. You can also capture and replay (as well as write your own scripts) keys so that DOS programs can be automated.

11,092 bytes
This program allows you to extract quite a bit of system and file information for use in batch files or to generate log files. Very useful utility for use in batch files.
5,621 bytes
This program allows you to pause for a specified period of time (in milliseconds). It does not loop and so does not waste CPU time and the delay does not depend on the speed of the computer.
Warm or
Cold Boot

258 bytes
These programs will allow you to either warm boot or cold boot DOS.

Some of the packages contain very detailed documentation while others don't contain any. For almost all of my programs if you make a command line error a summary of the correct syntax is produced. If I have placed a package here without documentation then I have done so because I believe there is enough information available (and because I have too many other things to do!).

I would appreciate some feed back on how you use or find my programs. I am also interested in fixing any bugs you might find or hearing about any enhancements that would make your task easier.

As long as you are not making money by reselling or including my software as a selling feature then I don't care who uses this software or whether it's for individual use or used by a large corporation. If however you will make money from my work then we need to talk! If you make use of my product within your own please point people to my homepage so they can update the code.

Made with my FREE PPWIZARD program (HTML preprocessor). Create MAINTAINABLE sites using templates. My site contains over 600 pages.
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Thursday November 16 2017 at 12:33pm
Made with my FREE PPWIZARD program (HTML preprocessor). Create MAINTAINABLE sites using templates. My site contains over 600 pages.